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Carteret Junior Softball League

Become A Sponsor

Become A Sponsor!

The CJSL needs your business to “step up to the plate and knock it out of the ballpark” by becoming a local sponsor. CJSL sponsorship's not only help the youth of our area, but they also are a great way to promote your business and reach your target markets on a local level. Sponsorship money goes to the cost of buying new equipment and supplies every year as needed. Some sponsorship money is used for scholarships for children who can’t afford to participate but have the want and desire to play the game of softball.  Without businesses such as yours becoming sponsors, these girls would not have been able to participate.

Spring Season begins in April and runs through the end of June. Many parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. will attend the games, and sponsorship's offer your business an outstanding promotional opportunity!  All coaching staff, league commissioners, and board members are non-paid volunteers that love the game of Softball and want to give these young girls a memorable experience they will remember the rest of their lives.

Sponsorship Options:

Field Advertisement Signs- (Must be submitted by 2/15/24)

Full color 3x8 corrugated vinyl plastic sign hung up advertising your company on the outfield fence of Mustillo Field at Civic Center Park for the current season advertising your company!  All proceeds are donated to the CJSL Scholarship Fund which is given to a player aging out of the league each season to use for future education.

Signage Pricing:

-New Outfield Advertising Sign- $375.00

-Renewal Outfield Advertising Sign (from previous Year)- $100.00

Download Field Advertisement Sign form here


Additional sponsorship levels are below: 

Single - $100.00- Company logo on website for the current calendar year

Double - $350.00- Company name on back of one team jerseys and company logo promoted on our website for the current calendar year.

Triple - $750.00- Company name on sleeve of every jersey in the age division and company logo promoted on our website for the current calendar year. (1 sponsor only)

Home Run - $1000.00-  Company name on sleeve of every jersey in the league (all divisions), company logo promoted on our website for the current calendar year, and sponsored by listed at the end of every email, news release and printed material. (1 sponsor only)

Download sponsorship form here

***Please note all sponsor forms and donations MUST be sent in prior to 2/15/24 for uniform printing purposes***

For any additional information or questions, please email us direct at [email protected]

Please mail all sponsor forms and checks payable to Carteret Junior Softball League to:
Carteret Junior Softball League
PO Box 215
Carteret, NJ 07008


Field Status

Closed Closed

Shorecrest Park (03:36 PM | 01/31/20)

Closed Closed

Field 1 (03:36 PM | 01/31/20)

Closed Closed

Cage 1 (01:07 PM | 08/22/17)

Closed Closed

Cage 2 (01:07 PM | 08/22/17)

Closed Closed

K of C Field (01:07 PM | 08/22/17)

Closed Closed

Mustillo FIeld (01:07 PM | 08/22/17)

Closed Closed

Veterans Field (01:07 PM | 08/22/17)

Closed Closed

Minue Dirt Field (Post Blvd) (03:36 PM | 01/31/20)

Closed Closed

WOR Turf Field (Pauline St) (03:36 PM | 01/31/20)

Closed Closed

Umansky Field (Louis St) (03:36 PM | 01/31/20)

Closed Closed

Leinart Field (Carteret Ave) (03:36 PM | 01/31/20)

Closed Closed

Civic Center Park (01:08 PM | 08/22/17)

Closed Closed

WOR Park (West Carteret) (03:36 PM | 01/31/20)

Closed Closed

Carteret Park (03:36 PM | 01/31/20)